Foreign Trade

The main purpose of our professional services is to provide certainty and reliance in the carrying out of your foreign trade and customs operations, verifying the full compliance with several laws and regulations in force, which will allow for your company to focus in the day-to-day operation.

The services offered by our Firm are as follows:

Administration of Programs Programs/Management:

  • Authorizations Management.
  • Support in Summons.
  • Importers Register.
  • Exporters Register.

Certification of Companies:

  • VAT and IEPS Certified Companies.
  • Authorized Economic Operator (NEEC).

Legal/Operative Assistance:

  • IMMEX Program Management.
  • Inventory Control Annex 24 – Annex 31.


  • In person.
  • Assistance with Summons.
  • Assistance with Domicile Visits.

Foreign Trade Audits:

  • Level of Compliance.
  • Inventory Control.
  • Fixed Assets.
  • Application of Tariff Preferences.

Prevention Measures/Improvements:

  • Risk Management and Handling.
  • Findings Report.
  • Quantification of Financial Impact of Certain Risks.
  • Detection and Recommendation of Measures.