Family Companies


Family Businesses face the following situations:
  • Define clear rules for the compensation, evaluation and promotion of family employees.
  • Establish proper instances for the decision making of the company and of the business.
  • Define rules for the distribution of profits and the reinvestment of the same.
  • Establish mechanisms for the selling of shares and in its case to leave the family business.
  • Implement models for communication and rendering of accounts.
  • Clarify the mechanism for the succession of general management of a family business.
  • Establish the bases for the incorporation of corporate governance practices.
In Alvarez Carmona y Asociados we have developed the practice of providing advice to family businesses, in which the following services stand out:
  • Mediation in the process of preparation of family agreements.
  • Advise in the preparation and implementation of Family Protocol.
  • Establish the basis for a Corporate Governance.
  • Adaptation of corporate structures and ownership holding.
  • Succession planning (advise in the preparation of will, usufructs, trusts, etc.).
  • Family retirements.
  • Personality profiles (MBTI).
  • Workshops in Communication, perception, change of habits, etc.